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  •   By Charlie
    March 27, 2018
    Christine was very helpfull as well as tje rest of the staff
  •   By Emma Lashley
    March 25, 2018
    I love this store. The staff and owner are SO friendly and helpful. They have dressing rooms, which is great so you don´t buy something that you are not for sure that will fit. A lot of other boutiques don´t have dressing rooms. I love that a dressing room is available. Their prices are EXCELLENT! They have ALL sizes XS to 3X. So they have a large variety. They are also very rustic. You feel at home. Please think about Watt About This while wanting to buy trendy dresses and tops. PS... They also have $5 leggings, one size fits all!! SO CHEAP!! LOVE THIS PLACE!!!
  • ☆ ☆   By Claudia Ann
    March 24, 2018
    This store has been closed for years
  • ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆   By Perry
    March 23, 2018
    On January 18th I went into this Men's Warehouse to pick up a rental tuxedo for my friends wedding. I was working with the manager of this location, STEPHANIE SHAW, gave her my name and she went back and brought out the tux. She told me the total and had swiped my card while the other lady, I'm assuming she was training, got the tux ready in the fitting room. When I went over to the fitting room, right off the bat, I noticed the tux was black instead of the grey which was the plan the whole time! I asked her why that suddenly had changed and all STEPHANIE could tell me was 'that's your tux". I finally looked at the rental receipt and noticed the name associated with the tux was not mine at all. Even though I told her my name before hand. So the tag was clearly not read. After about another 15min STEPHANIE said 'the suit is ready, but not at this location'...mind you that's the same location I was fitted at. It finally took one of the gentlemen who works there to go in the back and produce my suit after looking all of 15 seconds. Clearly STEPHANIE hadn't looked in the magic bucket of hidden tuxedos. This is where my major problem lies. STEPHANIE 'claimed' she refunded the mistake charge of $100.89 for the tux that belonged to someone else. But failed to give me a receipt for this return. 14 business days later I had still not received my refund. Upon visiting the store myself and speaking to STEPHANIE they were not able to pull up the transaction and therefore could NOT even confirm a refund was made. I showed STEPHANIE my banking app that shows the charge and even the exact time it was made (Jan 18th at 12:18pm). And there was nothing they do...they simply had no record of this mistake. So now I am forced to report this as a fraudulent charge by the Men's Warehouse to attempt a reimbursement. I will NEVER do business again with this company and will do my best to deter my friends and family from using them as well because of this experience.

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